Michelangelo OU. Sidelock OU, new lock with the hindow and demibloc barrels
SHOTGUN SPECIFICATIONS: Barrel length 75cm, Chamber 3” - 76mm, Bored 15.80, Choked 5 tenths and 9 tenths that are Half and Full, Barrel weight 1.553 kilos, Solid top rib 8 mm x 5 mm, Solid middle ribs
Round forend, Automatic safety, Single trigger, New thin forend tip
Gold oval and gold Bosis crest in the forend
Prince of Wales stock, Fine checkering, Tru oil polishing
Stock measures : Drop at comb 37mm – Drop at heel 57mm -  Total length to the top 377mm – Total length to the centre 374mm – Total length to the toe 386mm – 
Cast off: At toe 5mm –  At heel 11mm –  Grip dimension 40mm x 32mm
Total gun weight 3.679 kilos
Engraving : Deep ornamental scroll plus Diana engraved on the bottom