Shotguns Since 1970.

Nowadays it is very difficult to make a really good firearm with the craftsmanship of the original master gunmakers, and it is impossible without total dedication to the job. Guns made by LUCIANO BOSIS are the tangible result of lengthy research into both aesthetics and functionality, in an attempt to provide something rather more than just a gun.

Bosis shotgun made in Italy

Browsing through this virtual catalogue, you can not fail to see the loving care that goes into the finish, the smallest detail, the choice of wood, the artistry of the engravings and the overall appearance, which can only be done by a master craftsman. From classic side-by-sides with side locks assembled on the side plates to Boss-type over-and-unders for hunting and shooting, as well as fine Anson & Deeley guns that are built lightweight and easy to handle. All in a range of calibers from 12 to 36/410 Magnum. Solid blocks of steel and wood are gradually moulded by expert hands into first-rate weapons. Some are veritable collectors items that will turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

You can order a fully custom made gun-yours is the last word on casts, wood grain, and the type of barrel and engraving. As you can see further on, Bosis offers a wide range of engravings - and engravers - to satisfy any requirements whatever. This virtual catalogue is just to give you a general idea of the products, but you really have to examine the finished product to fully appreciate the skill and care that goes into the production of a Bosis Guns.


Desing and build to measure

The first things we need to know to put your gun in productions is the type of gun ( Michelangelo or Wild, Queen or Country ) the caliber and the barrel length. Then the customer needs to provide info such as stock and fore-end configurations, choke constrictions, target weight of the gun, rib style etc. We will send to the customers many pictures to enable him to make all the choices he needs to make from blanks of wood (for stock and fore-end) all the way down to the font style of your initials (if you want them in a stock oval or inlaid), color of wood polishing (completely natural or with a hint of red etc). If you ordered the gun you’d hear from Laura on a pretty regular Basis and we will help you go through the process and get what you really want.

As for engraving, our web site and our catalogue show many different engraving patterns and styles executed by the best engravers in the world. We are always happy to let our customers speak directly to the artist of choice to discuss the artwork and the cost. If the customer does not want to do that, we are also happy to guide him/her through the selection of the right engraving based on his/her personal tastes and budget.