The Bosis!

The history

Mr. Bosis started to work at Galesi when he was 12 years old. After Galesi and then we went to Perazzi and worked there from 1971 to 1976 where he refined his already considerable skills working before setting up his own workshop in the idyllic setting of an old farmhouse. When he turned 20 he was already an accomplished craftsman who had read every book available about gun making.

At Perazzi he was soon promoted and put in charge of his department but he was too ambitious to stay there. He wanted to start his own business. In 1968 he turned part of his house into a gun making workshop and in 1977 he opened a gun shop to sell and repair guns. Located in Travagliato near Brescia, Fabbrica Armi di Luciano Bosis has spent the last thirty years producing best quality sporting guns for an exclusive clientele. His current work force consists of six in-house craftsmen who are supplemented when required by select independent specialists. His keen eye, technical expertise and quest for perfection have produced sporting guns that have earned him an international reputation for their fine design and superb performance.

It is unusual for a gunmaker to have succeeded, in such a short space of time, in creating a niche market in a field that is usually reserved for only the most famous manufacturers. Traditional features have been retained and, where applicable, innovations introduced, particularly in the over-and-under range.

Luciano Bosis Gun Maker

In the beginning he used all the money he made doing that to start his own shotgun project. Immediately afterwards he built his first two side by side shotguns in 12ga and when he had a few more guns available he started to attend trade shows like Exa in Brescia and IWA in Nurnberg.

The Bosis still remember the phone ringing a few days after the first EXA and the surprise when the first shotgun was sold. People really liked the guns!!! It is absolutely normal for Mr. Bosis now to be busy fulfilling orders but back then every sale was a big success and a confidence builder.

Mr. Bosis had a dream which was slowly becoming a reality. The first over and under shotgun came in 1980. Mr. Packmayer saw the gun at the IWA show in Nunberg, fell in love with it and placed an order for 10 more just like it!

Mr. Bosis has been working with two very skilled craftsmen since the beginning: Mr. Botticini Franco who joints, functions the guns in the white and gets them ready for engraving and Mr. Massimo Scalvini - Mr. Bosis's nephew - who prepares the guns for the National Proof House, fire tests them and makes all necessary final adjustments. Mr. Bosis is in charge of every other operation. Mr. Botticini and Massimo with their creativity, dedication and hard work helped Mr. Bosis start his shotgun project. All changes, additions and improvements to the guns after that have been the result of a team effort. More recently Mr. Bosis has started to work with an engineer to turn the gun maker's sketches and drawings into CAD files ready for the most